Security Environment During Brazil Copa América

Brazil will host the CONMEBOL Copa América soccer tournament June 14-July 7. Attendees from over 100 countries are expected at the event. The Copa America tournament is also expected to attract a considerable number of foreign nationals from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, the US, Germany, Spain, and Bolivia. Games will be played in six stadiums across five major cities. The current security landscape in these major metropolitan areas is cause for concern for foreign nationals, although new technology and the deployment of extra security forces will mitigate potential threats. 

Social Unrest in South Africa Elections Possible

General elections will be held in South Africa, May 8. Voters will elect a new National Assembly (parliament) and nine provincial legislatures. The National Assembly will, in turn, elect the president. Political rallies and service delivery protests have increased in recent weeks and will continue ahead of the polls. Major changes to policy or political stability are unlikely as the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party is projected to retain a working majority in the National Assembly and in at least in eight of the country's nine provinces.