Make sure your personnel are informed of developments in their location, have access to detailed intelligence to understand risks and cultural idiosyncrasies, and can reach out for help in time of crisis anywhere in the world.




Worldcue® Mobile features include:

  • Alerts on threats and events: Your people are kept informed and aware of incidents that could disrupt meetings, business operations, or travel - worldwide and 24/7.
  • Embedded alert maps: Reduce risk and avoid disruption by seeing your location in relation to the area where an incident is occurring.
  • Worldcue® Communicator: Send your people a message in response to an alert asking them to confirm their safety or if they need assistance. App users can receive and reply to the messages using an in-app push notification.
  • Quick connect buttons: Give your people the tools to quickly signal distress, call a hotline number, or just check in according to a preagreed plan. For ease of use in crisis situations, Quick Connect buttons are prominently displayed on the app’s home screen. They can connect to WorldAware or your own operations center and can also be customized to best suit your organization or program:
    • In an emergency, send your coordinates and notify a security team with a single tap of the Crisis signal button.
    • If you need advice or support, the Hotline button connects you to a Response Coordinator.
    • To monitor your progress and signal your safety, activate the Check-in button at prearranged times.
  • Important notices: Make sure all your travelers and those on assignment are familiar with your organization’s travel directives or policies by publishing vital information specific to your organization on the app.
  • Destination intelligence: Minimize risk and uncertainty by familiarizing yourself with a location. Our analyses of hundreds of cities and countries are available on the app, including the categories of security, weather, health, exit and entry, transportation, legal, culture, language, financial, communications/tech, and environment.
  • Navigation languages: To support a range of nationalities across your organization, the app navigation can be configured in U.S./U.K. English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • All people access: Expand your risk management support to all people in your organization, whether they are traveling or based in a single location.