News Brief: Risk Management Lessons from a Multi-national Pharmaceutical Company


WorldAware helped a multi-national pharmaceutical company create an integrated, global risk-management program that has allowed the company to combine multiple data sources into a single view of global travel. This case also led to the formation of The Travel Safety Council, formed by WorldAware leadership. Highlights from the case study are as follows.

Intelligence Alert: Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Fl October 10 as a category 4 storm and arrived in southwestern Georgia early Wednesday evening as a category 3 storm. Michael has now transitioned into a tropical storm as it advances northeastward over central Georgia, early Oct. 11. Forecast models indicate that Michael will continue to weaken as it interacts with land over the coming hours; however, the system is still is expected to maintain its tropical storm status as it transits the northeastern US, Oct. 11-12.

Extensive flight disruptions are expected.